$30/DAY (Regardless of Size)


Accommodations: boarding charges cover the cost of a 4 ft X 16 ft indoor/outdoor pet run. The outdoor portion is covered to ensure your dog is out of the elements in inclement weather. Separated by chain link, outdoor portions of the run are designed so dogs can enjoy the opportunity to interact but cannot integrate. Each dog has access to their outdoor run 12 hours daily.

Bedding: we discourage the use of personal bedding as we like to clean it daily and is easier to keep track of our own. We have a large variety of bedding including tubs, cots and even orthopedic dog beds.

Toys and treats are always welcome! However, to assure pet safety, balls and toys smaller than a tennis ball or anything filled with beans must be left at home.

Food: can be provided at no additional cost. If your pet is on a specific diet we ask that you bring your own. We do not regiment feeding schedules as it is easier for your pet to maintain normalcy at their home away from home

Vaccinations: Rabies and distemper are required for boarding. In the state of Washington, all dogs are required up to date rabies vaccinations. Our policy is for all clients to provide adequate shot records for boarding of all pets at Alder Creek with the exception of vet recommendations. Have your veterinarian fax or email your pets up-to-date shot records.

While not a requirement for boarding, Bordetella vaccination is highly recommended. However, to ensure the mutual good health of all boarders, vaccines must be administered at minimum of 15 days prior to board. Please plan accordingly. Failure to comply may void your boarding reservation.


Cat boarding policies.
$20/DAY (Regardless of Size)


Accomodations: boarding charges cover the cost of a cat condo, litter pans, feeding bowls and litter.

We have two styles of cat condos;

Up & Down Cat Condos are 24 wide X 36 Deep X 48 High with perches so your cat may stay active during their stay.

Side-by-Side Cat Condos are 48 wide X 30 Deep X 24 High

Bedding: every cat needs one, we got ‘em

Toys and treats are always welcome.

Food: we provide a variety of cat food (dry and wet) at no additional cost. If your cat is on a specific diet we ask that you please provide your own.

Vaccinations: feline, upper respiratory, rabies and distemper are required for all cats with only the exception of a vet’s excusal letter.



For multiple pets in the same run, we ask that your pets be on the same diet. Please inquire for more information on multi-pet boarding.

DISCLOSURE: You are always charged for the first day of board, regardless of what time you drop off. If your pet is groomed/bathed or checked out before noon, there is no boarding charge for the last day of stay.

Appointments are made through the front office staff.

Call us for any inquiries or appointments today!

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