Small Animal Massage Therapy


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Whether your dog or cat is aging, injured, anxious or simply seems a bit “different” lately, we can help!



Did You Know?

Washington is the only state in the greater United States which requires professional massage licensing for pets just as they do for human massage therapy 


Our Mission

To continue to improve our facility and offer exceptional services. We are now providing massage therapy for both boarding and walk-in furry friends!

Relaxation and Healing

The Process


Massage therapy sessions for small animals can last 15-60 minutes and are tailored to your pet’s needs. You will fill out a brief health history form, sign a liability waiver, and have an opportunity to chat with the therapist directly to get a better idea of how she can serve the pet’s needs best. Ultimately it is up to the pet in how treatments go, she will not force them to do anything they dislike or that draws anxious or reactive behavior. Relaxation is the name of the game in massage therapy! After the massage she will include a copy of her chart notes for the massage(s) performed for your home records and share anything she learned in the session with you.


Pet Massage


Massages will look different for every individual pet, just like they do for humans. Bailey uses traditional massage therapy techniques, but mostly has a flavor of her own. She will check in with the animal’s soft tissue to see where the tension is pulling on the system most and assess how she can offer balance to the system in order to allow the body’s innate healing ability to do its job. She primarily practices with fascia, or connective tissue which surrounds all the cells in the body. She will often use craniosacral and visceral manipulation techniques so that she can truly offer a body centered treatment, the healing process is easy! Warm, dry hot towels are included with the service, as well as a little walk or socialization before the appointment so that Bailey can get acquainted with your pet.

Bailey has had the opportunity to work with dogs and cats at the end of their life to offer peace and relaxation, as well as dogs with anxiety, depression, arthritis, loss of partner, incontinence, high-energy, difficulty standing or sitting, positive touch for puppies, and all the sweet, happy, “normal” dogs too! She is not a vet or providing veterinary care, and no result is guaranteed. Bailey may be able to help shed some light on tension patterns which cause your pet’s behavior or posture to change over time, if left untreated. Imagine: dropping your pet off for a stay at Alder Creek Pet Lodge, and they can leave feeling better than when they arrived!

Bailey has been providing massage therapy at the kennel since December 2018, and has been walking dogs, helping in the office, and offering extra snuggles for the past 3 years. We are seeing impressive results! We cannot guarantee you will see any specific result with your pet, or that they will agree to massage therapy. You will only be charged for the massage time spent with the pet, and unless you have a hard timing or money limit, the massage will end when they are ready, whether that is less or more time than the pet owner requested. This is their massage time!

Our Therapist

Bailey Lougheed, LMT, SAMP


Bailey feels honored to have the opportunity to work with some of the most diverse species in the world, and will always share her contagious excitement and love for her work if you are interested in hearing more about massage therapy for pets or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 360-697-6717

License number MA60404179

Insured by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

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