Vaccination Requirements


To ensure the mutual good health of all boarders, vaccines must be administered at minimum of 15 days prior to boarding. 

Our policy is that all clients  provide adequate shot records for boarding of all pets.


Dog Vaccination Requirements

 Rabies and distemper vaccinations are required for boarding. In the State of Washington, all dogs are required to have up to date rabies vaccinations. The only exception to your pet having vaccinations is with a veterinarian recommendation. Please have your veterinarian fax or email your pets current up-to-date shot records. The canine bordetella vaccination is required.  Please plan accordingly to avoid a boarding reservation cancellation.  


Cat Vaccination Requirements

 Feline, upper respiratory, rabies and distemper vaccinations are required for all cats. Please have your vet email or fax a copy of current vaccinations to our office. The only exception to this policy would require an excusal letter from your cat's veterinarian. Planning accordingly can help avoid a boarding reservation cancellation.

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